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Identify which position you are applying for. Briefly outline your relevant skills and experience and list any call center experience you may have including the name(s) of the company(s) you provided your services to:
If you have registered with Arise send us a follow-up email advising on the status of your account. If you previously chose a company please don't submit this application send us an email.
Are you willing to undergo unpaid training certification for little as 4 weeks long? The training will be 2 to 4 hours per day instructor led along with self-pace work due next day. Do you own a reliable laptop or desktop at your home? Do you have internet? Can you purchase a USB headset to use during training and servicing?
Are you ready to submit hiring documents that you will receive via email from DocuSign?*
We are staffing consulting agency that is ready to place you with clients that have immediate openings.
Will you be able to attend a pre-recorded orientation, virtual orientation, or in person orientation? Will you be ready to pass a voice, language, or program assessment? Will you be ready to undergo background and possible drug screening as well after being offered the position?
Hi, Thank you for applying for this position. We are a staffing consulting agency that have a client base that are looking for qualified candidates like you to start training and servicing immediately! A recruiter will be in contact with you soon. Work Remotely Only! We use virtual platforms for hiring, training and servicing. Prerequisite Questions Do you have a personal laptop and/or desktop at your home? Do you have a home phone or can purchase and/or add to cable provider? Do you have Wi-Fi and/or internet and usb headset? We would like for you to schedule information session. Pre-Employment Screening Our hiring process consist of voice, language and program assessments that must be passed prior to being placed in roles. You will undergo background and possible drug screening as well. You will also be required to complete up as little as 4 weeks of unpaid training 2 to 4 hours a day. Thanks Cribb's Accounting Services, LLC (CAS,LLC)

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Cribb's Accounting Services, LLC

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Change current IBO and join Cribb's Accounting Services, LLC send us a private email message to the email listed below:

Email: [email protected]

Candidates must possess the skill set to complete the hiring process electronically via DocuSign and email submissions to avoid being disqualified.

Career Opportunities

  • Customer Service Billing Specialist
  • Customer Service Home Warranty Specialist

Follow up via email at [email protected] for immediate consideration.


Customer Service Billing Specialist

 Assist callers with billing inquiries

Determine business offerings that the customer does not

currently have and make the appropriate sales offer to

upgrade and add on to their service

Always strive to ensure First Call Resolution (FCR) and

complete Customer Satisfaction (VOC).

Code the sale accurately and completely for the installer

Knowledge of processes and policies

Build trust and rapport with thecustomer through

clear, respectful interaction

Understand “client call flow”

Always strive to ensure First Call Resolution (FCR) and

complete Customer Satisfaction (VOC).

Correctly code the sale accurately and completely for the


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Customer Service Home Warranty Specialist

Receive inbound calls from existing contract holders

(customers) on an item that is covered under their

contract agreement to initiate a claim or follow up on an

existing claim. Respond to general inquiries.

Describe the services, plans, and requirements.

Process change of address requests.

Accept and process requests for information materials.

Research and resolving customer complaints.

Performing callbacks as a customer resolution

Responding to billing clarification as well as claim status

questions and inquires

Transfer calls to CCHS Customer Service when


Facilitate three-way conferencing and scheduling

between customers and service providers.

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Certification and Training

All customer service position will require at least 4 weeks of training  certifying that you are able to perform the role.

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CAS Online Learning

CAS Online Learning offers multiple training courses in business, accounting, bookkeeping,taxes and personal finances.